Learners Attitude towards the Online Learning through the Late Pandemic: an Exploratory Study

Mohammed Abdulmughnı A. A.

1. Pandemi Sürecinde yabancı Dİl Öğretimi Uluslararası Kongresi, vol.3, pp.11-22, 2021 (Conference Book)


After almost a year of online education due to the late Covid19 pandemic, different issues and challenges have arisen. Therefore, investigating and studying such issues became the need of the hour. Coronavirus Pandemic has shaded its challenges on the process of teaching/learning the English language. From their own experience with their classes, researchers decided to conduct this survey to find out what motivates the learners during the online classes and what does not.

The survey was carried out through a questionnaire consists of 20 MCQ and two open-ended questions. After analyzing the students’ responses, the results show that most of the students felt less motivated to learn online than in face-to-face classes. The interestingly positive responses regarding the availability of technology and the internet led the researchers to assume that student’s/teacher’s ideology could be the reason behind the declined level of motivation among the students. More studies focusing on the teaching/learning ideology among students and

teachers are highly recommended. Keywords: Corona virus Pandemic, Online learning, learner’s motivation, Language learning, Learner’s attitude.